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Ep1112 Selettore Pickup 5 Posizioni Multipolare -

BRAND: Di Marzio
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Ep1112 Selettore Pickup 5 Posizioni Multipolare -
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selettore pickup 5 posizioni multipolare - ep1112
one reason the 3-pickup humbucker-single-humbucker setup is popular is because of the stratlike
sound of the 2nd and 4th switch positions. because these positions utilize 1 coil from the neck
or bridge humbucker and the single-coil in the center, they are humcancelling. if there is also a
humcancelling pickup like a virtual vintage® model in the middle position, it becomes necessary
to turn off the bottom coil of the middle pickup as well as one coil from the outside humbucker.
this can’t be accomplished with a standard 5-way selector switch. the diagram shows how to do
this with a multipole 5-way (ep1112). observe the positioning of the humbuckers: the neck pickup
is installed in the opposite direction from the bridge pickup. this was done so that the coil closest
to the middle pickup remains on in the 2 & 4 positions. this produces the most ”quack”. if the
humbuckers are turned around, the result is a less hollow, more tele-like sound.
the color code shown for the neck and bridge pickups in the diagram applies to all of our full-size
4-conductor humbuckers. the color code shown for the middle pickup applies to all of the virtual
vintage® and area™ models as well as the hs-1™, 2, 3 and yjm™. most guitars with this wiring
use 500k volume and tone controls (ep1201). if you have a particularly bright-sounding guitar,
you can warm up the sound a little by substituting 250k controls (ep1200). the capacitor on the
tone control should be .022mfd.
the diagram also shows a resistor and capacitor across the volume control. these components
restore the treble response that is sometimes lost when the volume control is turned down. they
don’t have any effect when the volume is all the way up. we recommend a 560 pf capacitor and a
300k resistor. some players like the way the sound ”warms up” as the control is turned down, so
these components are optional. the values are also optional - using a bigger capacitor will
increase brightness as the control is turned down.

Marca Di Marzio
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