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Brunetti - Xl Revo Ltd Testata Per Chitarra Valvolare

BRAND: Brunetti
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Brunetti XL-Revo Ltd. Edition Brunetti celebrates 15 years from the first XL, one of our flagship products, by offering a limited edition in 50 pieces! XL R-EVO LTD is an updated and customised version of the valued XL R-EVO amp. The changes include the latest developments in technology made by Brunetti to improve an excellent amp. The final stage is equipped with 2 x 6550 tubes (or KT88), an echo of sounds bound to amps that made the history of rock, with a total maximum power of 70W. You can find the innovative PowerLimit® function which reduces the maximum power to 15W modifying the final stage operating mode. Other improvements concern the effects loop, for stomps and rack systems, and the XLEAD channel revised to obtain a different and more versatile timbre shape! XL R-EVO LTD is hand made with great care as of the best italian craft tradition. Every piece has been properly tested and experimented for the professional use which is devoted to. Before use, we recommend the reading of all suggestions and notes included in this manuals to deeply know your amp. You can disclose its personality and appreciate its flexibility. Specifications All tubes signal path 3 Channels: CLEAN – BOOSTt – XLEAD Channel Switch: manual, footswitch (included), MIDI Effects Loop: send/return for rack and stomps Pre Out: additional output for external amps or rack systems (2Vrms/10K) Powerlimit®: 70W/15W manual switch which operates on the power stage Tubes: 5 x 12AX7 / 2 x 6550 (2 x KT88) Construction: Iron/stainless steel laser cut panels Electronics: WIMA “Red Series” MKP capacitors, sealed relays, low noise film resistors Power Consumption: ~200VA. HT Fuse: T500mA. Power Fuse: T1,6A Weight: ~20Kg Size: 720 x 250 x 230 mm Included: Power cable, Channels switch, Owner’s manual, Waterproof cover
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Brunetti - Xl Revo Ltd Testata Per Chitarra Valvolare
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