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ELECTRO HARMONIX - Frequency Analyzer Ring Modulator effetto a pedale per chitarra elettrica

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Frequency Analyzer Ring Modulator effetto a pedale per chitarra elettrica
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l Frequency Analyzer fornisce due ulteriori note accanto a quella suonata. E' più difficile ottenere il controllo quando si suona più di una nota alla volta, perché si ottengono complessivamente due note per ciascuna delle note suonate. In sostanza, si suona una nota e si ottengono la nota principale più altre due note, una al di sopra e l'altra al di sotto della principale. Agendo sul controllo BLEND è possibile filtrare la nota originale. Mentre si ruota tale controllo il volume della nota aumenta o diminuisce, ma il volume complessivo rimane costante. Il controllo SHIFT dà la frequenza base ed ha una gamma di quattro-cinque ottave. Il controllo FINE permette di regolare finemente il controllo SHIFT e copre quasi un'ottava aggiungendo solo un pò di "twist". Sul pannello anteriore c'è un filtro che è un controllo Bassi-Acuti. Con l'interruttore in posizione "basso" la nota superiore viene filtrato lasciando invariate la nota originale e la nota inferiore. Controlli: Blend, Fine, Shift, Filter On/Off True ByPass Telaio in metallo pressofuso Alimentatore 40V incluso Dimensioni: 102 x H89 x 121 mm

adds moving harmonies to the note or chords being played. unlike other ring modulators, the frequency analyzer has controllable high order filters that reduce cross distortions and enhance the variations. the course and fine control let the user set a single frequency that will then be both added and subtracted from the original note or chord. blend control lets you mix the new notes with the original. this is a must esoteric pedal, especially for techno cats. devo had their biggest hit using the frequency analyzer.
true bypass
tough and compact die-cast chassis
40dc-100 power supply included
your unit comes with a 40volt/100ma tip positive, external power adapter.use only the adapter supplied.using the wrong adapter can cause serious bodily injury.using the wrong adapter may also damage your unit and will void the warranty.please note that this adapter is not interchangeable with other electro-harmonix adapters.
the frequency analyzer gives you two additional notes beside the one you play if you are playing chords.it’s harder to achieve control when you play more than one note at a time because you’re getting two notes for every one you play.basically, you play a note… you get that note plus a note above it and another one exactly as far below the main note as the other one is above it.
but… by turning your blend dial cw you can filter out your original note.as you turn the blend control, the volume of the original note goes down or up, but the overall volume remains constant.in other words, you can set it so you get your original note plus two new ones… or two new notes with the original… or a mixture of both.
the shift control gives you basic frequency.it has a range of four to five octaves.the fine control permits fine tuning of the shift control and covers almost an octave with just a little twist.
on the front chassis panel is a filter which is a bass-treble control.with the switch in the bass position the top note is filtered out giving you the original note plus one bottom note.
it is easier to get good results fast by using the frequency analyzer with any kind of amplified wind instrument.the more accustomed you are to playing single note lines the more quickly you will adapt to using the accessory.
the frequency analyzer has to be re-adjusted for playing in different keys.there are many different ways it can be adjusted in any given key.this is not the sort of accessory you buy in the afternoon and use on a gig that same night, unless you are a very skillful musician.the possibilities offered by the frequency analyzer are so numerous that you will still be discovering new applications after several months…even after several years.
all electro-harmonix accessories are compatible and modular.any combination of units will give you an infinite variety of sounds limited only by your imagination.

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