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GIBSON - SAG-J200L J200 Phos Bronze Acoustic .012-.053

BRAND: Gibson
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SAG-J200L J200 Phos Bronze Acoustic .012-.053
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acoustic guitar stringsthe type of acoustic guitar string that you use greatly affects the overall sound of your guitar. nobody knows that better than gibson strings. we actually invented the first metal strings for guitar in 1927, and introduced the phosphor bronze alloy for acoustic guitar to the world in 1932! we make a full line of acoustic guitar strings that utilize the highest quality alloys to satisfy the most demanding player.j-200 deluxe phosphor bronzedeluxe phosphor bronze woundj-200 deluxe phosphor bronze strings are the very same strings that come on our famous j-200 jumbo acoustic. they have an excellent ringing attack and presence, and will give your guitar a responsive voice that cuts through, thanks to the special phosphor bronze alloy. vacuum sealed for freshness.stylemodel gauge .012.016.024w.032w.042w.053w

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Marca Gibson
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