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DUNLOP MXR - M-181 Bass Blow Torch Distortion effetto a pedale per basso elettrico

BRAND: Dunlop - Mxr
Disponibilità: 2 articoli
Prezzo: 145,00 € IVA inclusa Prezzo predefinito 175,00 € IVA inclusa
effetto a pedale per basso elettrico M-181 Bass Blow Torch Distortion
Prodotto: Disponibile
Spedizione: GRATUITA
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pedale overdrive per basso, footswitch on/off, output generale,
knob equalizzazione bass, mid e treeble, mid shift selezionabile
a 250hz, 750hz, 2khz, miscelatore distorto/clean,
controllo del volume distorsione, torch switch +12db, funziona
con 2 pile 9

turn up the heat with the bass blowtorch, a revolutionary new concept in bass overdrive from mxr bass innovations. fire it up for the hottest bass sounds this side of hades — anything from the traditional tube-like growl to scorching high gain distortion. by focusing the overdrive in the midrange frequencies, the bass blowtorch lets you retain low end thunder and high-end sizzle while distorted mids blaze a path through even the densest mix. an active 3-band eq with 3-position mid shift lets you zero in on an incendiary tone, while the blend knob lets you balance your distortion with direct signal to taste. and the bass blowtorch burns as clean as it does hot, with 18-volt performance for increased dynamic headroom, clarity and low noise even at lethal volume. true hardwire bypass circuitry means that when you switch the distortion out, it’s really gone. housed in indestructible die-cast metal, the bass blowtorch has been stomped, mauled and otherwise road-tested by world class-touring bassists. so ignite your tone with the bass blowtorch. guitarists will burn with envy. available only from dunlop manufacturing, inc., the world’s leader in analog pedal technology.   • from traditional tube-like growl to full blown high gain distortion  • 18-volt performance for increased dynamic headroom and clarity  • low noise performance at loud volumes  • active 3-band eq with 3-position mid shift for precise tone sculpting  • distortion and direct signal blending  • real-world tested by world-class touring bass players  • indestructible die-cast housing  • true hardwire bypass

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Marca Dunlop - Mxr
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