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VOX - Cooltron Big Ben Overdrive TUBE TECHNOLOGY effetto a pedale valvolare per chitarra elettrica

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Cooltron Big Ben Overdrive TUBE TECHNOLOGY effetto a pedale valvolare per chitarra elettrica
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pedale overdrive valvolare (1 x 12au7 - ecc82) con sistema cooltron
- controlli: gain, tone, volume - connessioni: 1 x entrata jack strumento
+ 1 x uscita jack - interruttori: effect - alimentazione: 4 x batterie
aa in dotazione (durata: 20 ore in funzione grazie al sistema
cooltron brevetto vox) o alimentatore da 9 volt opzionale -
dimensioni in cm.: 6,4 (altezza) x 16,84 (larghezza) x 15,55
(profondità) - peso in kg.: ca. 1,02 (senza batterie).

construction - a basic strong metal box construction has been given instant cool by the mirrored finish. at the top end there is a grille through which can be seen the valve. this is identified in the manual as a 12au7. the level of cool is instantly doubled when you turn the unit on as the valve glows a deep blue colour from behind the bars. very trekky. 


ins and outs - simplicity itself with one in and one out.


power - four aa batteries which are supplied, or a 9v psu which isn’t.


controls - very basic controls of volume, tone and gain are all that are needed. the magic of this box lies in the valve. the chunky old-fashioned footswitch looks like it could survive in the tunnel with roy keane. a hidden advantage is a hardwired by-pass which means when you switch this unit off your clean signal takes the shortest route from in to out. 




sound of the vox cooltron big ben overdrive


i ran this unit into the clean channel of a laney practise amp and was amazed at warm valve overdrive it delivered through the laney’s 8” driver. working with the volume and gain controls on the big ben i was able to get delicious rock sounds at every level of overdrive. the full span of the gain control delivered useable tone and even full-on the sound showed no sign of falling to pieces.     




overall impressions of the vox cooltron big ben overdrive


excellent. this pedal adds to the overall quality of your sound by delivering overdrive using the component that led to the discovery of overdrive. this unit would be great for beefing up your tranny amp’s sound or as an alternate pre-amp for your existing valve set-up.
on the face of it the big ben isn’t the most exciting pedal in the shop. but that’s because it isn’t really an effects pedal -  it’s a sound pedal. it doesn’t simply supply an interesting noise to make a particular solo sound a bit different - in real terms it provides an extra switchable channel for your amplifier.


it’s fairly well accepted amongst audiophiles that valves improve the quality, depth and warmth of amplified sound. vox has managed to squeeze that quality into a convenient, sexy package. this might become the only pedal you polish after every gig.  




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